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Collecting vital information shouldn't be a chore. Motivational Maps® is easy to use. Starting with a straightforward questionnaire, individuals can complete it in minutes. 92% of Maps users found it easy to complete.

The tool automatically analyses responses and generates clear and easy to understand reports, that reveals each person's key motivators, and their level of motivation. Each report provides actionable advice on how to increase motivation where it matters. 95% of Maps users said their Motivational Map® accurately described their personal motivators, and 97% found the information in their personalised report useful.

Take the path to your better future with Motivational Maps®.

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Where do people fit in a team?

Our ability to function effectively with others in a team is down to a number of factors, which include personality traits, attitudes, behaviours and preferred roles.

One of the most important factors, often almost completely overlooked, is the motivational profile of the individual and of the individual compared with the team profile.

For teams to grow and thrive they need to be aware of each other’s motivational profile and be able to fuel the motivators of other team members.

Build better performing teams with Motivational Maps®.

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Tap into the motivational source.

Performance depends on the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation.

The Motivational Maps® system provides the solution to what is probably the most difficult of these to manage and sustain - motivation.

Motivational Maps® reveals your key motivators in clear and easy to understand reports.

Unlock motivation with Motivational Maps®.

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Schools: inspiring the next generation.

Let's face it. Growing up is tough. At school, children need all the help they can get to stay focused in their lessons and achieve their full potential.

Motivational Maps® Youth is designed specifically for younger people. It helps them understand themselves and assists their parents/guardians and teachers in identifying their motivational drivers.

The individual, parent/guardian, and teacher all get their own customised report, giving them actionable advice for improving engagement, attendance, performance, and most importantly, happiness.

Give children the confidence they deserve with Motivational Maps® Youth.

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David Livsey has been working with my middle leaders for the last two years (2012-13) His model of one- to- one coaching has been inspirational to those involved. I have seen these staff grow in confidence and self- awareness whilst deepening their understanding of strategic leadership.

Christopher Pickering Primary School Hull

Motivational Maps® works for students and staff

Motivational Maps Education Ltd practitioners work with schools and other educational establishments, whether further or higher education institutions, secondary or public schools/academies, primary schools or academies and preparatory schools.

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Motivational Maps® is easy to use and understand

Unlike other tools, Motivational Maps® is easy to apply and produces a personalised report for individuals and teams. This explains their motivational profile and actionable steps they can take.

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Mark Turner

Mark Turner and his colleague David Livsey have been developing their education programmes over a number of years.

Mark has helped make a tremendous difference in my life and career with his Motivational Maps service. The results of this assessment tool were incredibly accurate on many levels identifying my strengths and weaknesses. I have had certain dreams and goals that were stuck for years and I believe Mark has provided me with the profound guidance I've been seeking. I highly recommend Mark!

Emmanuel Lopez